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GOING DEEPER: A study of The Book of ACTS
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Going Deeper ACTS 9 part 1
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Going Deeper ACTS 9 part 2
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Acts 10 Bible Study [e5JayrPgPwA]
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Every person has at least five purposes. As we mature in Christ we become balanced to display the image of God. The image of God is developed by a continual "beholding" of Him in His Word. Every believer then must develop a healthy habit in the Word of God. In this message, Pastor Paul explains those five purposes and the SOAP method of Bible study.
There is a great deception in the church world that many are not aware of, the deception of hearing the Word. Sometimes we can console ourselves that all is well with our soul because we went to church or we learned a Bible verse or two. But God reminds us that it is not the hearers of the Word that are blessed but the doers.
When a lady finds out she is pregnant she immediately begins to make plans for the birth of her child. She may change some things like stopping some habits and begin other things like taking a daily supplement. She also begins to dream of what the child will look like, what it's bedroom will be like, what schools the child will attend, etc. When God gives a promise, it is much like getting pregnant. It is time for us to dream and plan for His promises to be fulfilled!
Some people bristle at the term, "prosperity" because it becomes identified with a "God wants me rich" doctrine. The reality is that there are levels of prosperity and only one of them has to do with material things. It is possible to have great wealth and still not be biblically prosperous and it is possible to be earthly poor and enjoy wonderful prosperity in the Kingdom of God!
There are many occasions that we are told to speak the word. We are told that through confession of the Word, our salvation is secured, we can move mountains when we speak to them, we receive revive dry bones and overcome temptation, all when we speak the Word!
When each man was given talents by his master, there was an expectation that something was to be accomplished. If you're going to play the game, you might as well play to win!
The kingdom of Heaven is like... one of the examples Jesus uses is that of a mustard seed that becomes a great tree. This is a picture of the church as she spreads her branches out over a community and gives shade to all around. Each branch must become healthy in order to represent the kingdom.
First Jesus said He would build His church. Then the apostle Paul said that he was a wise master builder that laid the foundation. Like a general contractor, Jesus methodically went about the work of building His church. There was a method. This sermon looks at the method of church growth seen in the gospels.
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